Bolivian artist TIMPANA maps out a metaphysical journey across her home country, and through various states of being. Indigenous and African instrumentation meet electronic drums and synths on an album that veers between moments of slowly-revealing transcendence and urgent, rhythmic cries as the world appears different to how we ever imagined it.

A new generation of Bolivian artists is taking Andean sounds, images and storytelling to global stages

TIMPANA is an interdisciplinary artist, actress and singer. Her music crosses geographic and cultural boundaries, feeding from native music influences and South American spirituality. TIMPANA’s vocal range and versatility makes the project stand out in the South American music landscape.

TIMPANA, that is Alejandra Lanza and band. While TIMPANA is most prominently carried by Alejandra’s voice, the production is nurtured by Charango strings, Andean flutes, Afro- Andean percussion and electronic samples of the latter.

Gwandena is a conceptual album centered on a fictional childlike character called Talina. She embarks on a journey of self discovery, crossing through physical and spiritual spheres.

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